A little insight

Hello my fellow readers!

First of all, let me mention that is for me a great pleasure that you are taking some of your precious time reading this! I hope we can explore together and debate some of the ideas that rage my mind and some of the present events that torment the world itself.

But, wait, I should introduce myself, right? How rude…

Well, I go by the name of Rodrigo. At least that’s the name my mother gave me. I’ve been around for 21 years (at least that’s what I’ve been told so far).

“Okey”, you might say, “Is that it?”. Well, I could spend a little more time writing a few lines about myself and what I want to accomplish with this blog. But I won’t! You see, I would one tell his readers the end of the story or the mid-plot at the beginning of the book? It doesn’t make sense, right?

Is the exact same thing that for me distinguishes a good from a bad writer. Good writers don’t need to sell all of their character’s personality traits or physical attributes just at once. What do I mean by this? Why am I even saying this? (You will understand really soon). Some writers commit the mistake of enumerating all of the physical and moral traits when they introduce a character. As an example, let’s take this:

“Georgina was the most beautiful woman of her time and everyone knew about her. Her blue eyes were blue like a endless ocean, her touch warm like dawn. But Georgina also had a great sense of justice and kindness(…)”, you see!? Right there! Why would one mention that Georgina has a great sense of justice or kindness, if one could, instead of directly writing it, demonstrate to the reader by the course of her actions, that she is a kind person? Isn’t that much more subtil and involving to the reader? It’s like you are interacting and socializing with the character yourself, you do your own judgements according to your point of view as a conscious human being.

But why am I mentioning all of this again?

To explain that this is the reason why I won’t be “selling myself” right now. I want you to get to know me by the way that I write and about what write. I want us to engage and grow together. You will see that I will be writing about a lot of things. Politics, ideas, space, love, food, fashion, technology, my every day life, and even some texts of mine that are part of book that I’ve been writing for quite some time. Those are just some of the topics that I will be writing about from now and then. I don’t want to follow a guideline or restrict this blog to just one topic of conversation, or better if you want, to just one target audience.  And that’s how I want you to know me.

Hope you stick around so we can engage together in this journey!


P.S.: Oh, yeah, right, I think I can mention this: I’m Portuguese, I just graduated from my Bachelor program and I will be moving to Lund to start my master in Biotechnology Engineering. So you know, some people could think I was planning on robbing a bank (not a bad idea tho).

Ohhh and here is a picture of me, super interesting. SUPER. No.


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