The tale of the Golden boy

There was once a golden boy who was born in a family of silver parents, brothers and uncles. The other silver kids at school used to make fun of his golden fingers and golden head, which always made the Golden boy feel apart from the world surrounding him. But in spite of being different, his family and his few friends loved his different way of being, the way the Golden boy used to shine. But the Golden boy couldn't see or feel it, he was blind to the love the ones closer to him were trying to deliver. He felt apart, lonely and sad, hurt by everything around him. He wished every night, before going to sleep, of running away to a place where no one could ever follow him, away from all the other silver kids and their silver looks, a place where we could find understanding and happiness. So, one night, the Golden boy decided to build a spaceship and run away from home, to a very distant planet, in a very distant galaxy, somewhere where he could finally feel loved. And so, one night, the Golden boy jumped into his spaceship and flew away towards the stars. We flew and flew, far far way from home, to a place where no one would ever mock him again. He landed on a rocky planet, without any homes or streets, without any people or living beings around. The Golden boy waited for something, for someone to show up, day and night, under sunny rays and cold rain, waiting and waiting, always next to his spaceship, until one day, a Little boy of black hair and green eyes, wearing a blue scarf and a smile bigger than the universe, found him alone in the rocky desert.

'Who are you?', the Little boy asked.
'I'm the Golden boy', he said with his head leaning down.
'Why are you so sad?', the Little boy noticed. But instead of waiting for the Golden boy's answer, and in a gesture of pure gentleness, the Little boy grabbed the Golden boy's hand and they both disappeared deep into the desert.

They walked day and night, spending every second together, playing like little children and walking towards nowhere, the Little boy was capable of putting a genuine smile in the Golden's boy face. The Golden boy felt happy and understood for the very first time in his life and was capable of finally understanding the sense of true love and friendship. They went to see the mountains and the sea, always sleeping under a tent full of stars, both grow close together like no one would ever imagine.

One night, in the top of a very high mountain, they found a quite temple surrounded by birds and tall trees, and a very old man laying on a red chair, with white hair and long beard falling close to his feet.

The Golden boy was scared. That was the very first person he was seeing on that planet, apart from the Little boy.

The little boy hugged his friend and brought him closer to the old man.
What's a soulmate?', the Little boy asked.
The Old man smiled, leaning his head towards the dark blue sky full of stars.
'A soulmate', said the old man, 'it's like a best friend. No. It's more than that. It's someone… That knows you better than anyone… And that you know better than anyone…'. The Little boy smiled and grabbed the Golden boy's hand, 'It's someone that accepts you by exactly who you are', kept the Old man saying, 'Someone that makes you a better person. Or someone that you admire in such a way that inspires you to be a better person', both boys looked to each other, 'it's someone you love unconditionally and that loves you unconditionally, someone that no matter where you are, will love you until the end of time and that can never stop loving you'.

Both boys hugged and promised to each other to never run way from one other's life.

The old man offered both boys shelter for the night and so they accepted. But on the next morning, the Little boy and the Old man had disappeared. The trees had dived into the earth, the birds had flown away and the temple had been token by the wind, leaving nothing left but the Golden boy alone in the top of the mountain.

The Golden boy looked day and night, without ever stopping, without ever resting, always looking for his friend. He looked on the tallest mountains, on the deepest caves and in the most distant oceans. For months he looked, without ever finding the Little boy.

Every night he prayed for the Little boy to come back, every night he cried for him, every night he dreamed of just spending one more last moment with his friend. So many times he begged the stars to return him back, so many times he screamed for him. But no one ever heard him.

The Little boy of black hair and green eyes, with a blue scarf and a smile bigger than the universe, never came back.

With his heart broken, the Golden boy cried one last time for his long lost friend and headed back to his spaceship.

When he finally got back, a blue scarf was brought to him by the wind, dancing and swirling, like if it was being carried by someone. It was the Little boy's blue scarf, the one he was always carrying around.

The little boy caught the blue scarf and wrapped it around his neck. He looked around, but again, there was no one on his sight. He cleaned his watery eyes with his long lost friend's scarf and jumped into his spaceship.
And finally, the Golden boy left the rocky planet, heading back home, with only memories around his neck.

the golden boy

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